Students, families, educators, school staff, and community members can appoint teachers and counselors by visiting the Big Apple Awards website ( https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us / vision-and-mission / big-apple-awards ) today through January 10, 2021. Nominees must be current, full-time public school teachers or college counselors at a district school, charter school, or education center New York City early childhood programs that demonstrate exceptional success in the classroom. For more information, visit the DOE's Morning Bell Blog

PS 151K's Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: “Educate, Excel, Empower” embodies our school’s shared values and beliefs, through which we envision our school’s commitment to the sustainable development of collaborative, innovative, bilingual, bi-literate, and multi-cultural citizens in our local and global community.

Instructional Focus: All students will effectively use text-based evidence to support claims, assertions, opinions, and arguments in reading, writing, and discussion, across all content areas, in all classes.

Mission: To create and sustain a hands-on, minds-on thematic-based environment that promotes and strengthens students’ collaborative and creative problem-solving skills; students’ critical thinking skills; and students’ social-emotional development and well-being.